Fcitx needs to run faster.

Before those NIH guys harm the world.

Thanks @doublechou’s first shot.


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  1. 右京样一 says:
    Firefox 12.0 GNU/Linux

    Run faster?是说开发的速度?

  2. csslayer says:
    Firefox 12.0 GNU/Linux x64

    @右京样一 唔,准确说是“推广”。开发速度其实已经很快了……

  3. marguerite says:
    Google Chrome 20.0.1090.0 openSUSE x64

    my pleasure.


    not if, it’s already done. default IM for openSUSE 12.2 Simplified Chinese.

    and when fcitx-anthy is ready, it’ll be default IM for Japanese.

    the “run faster” here does not mean the development speed.

    it means we have to stop GNOME pushing stupid things to us.

    as said in that mailing list entry, no later than GNOME 3.6, ibus will be a runtime dependency for GNOME. in which case it leaves us “other IMs” no space to perform and gain users, even not possible for distros to use fcitx as default IM then. (one GNOME system, two input method, are we on Windows again? then distros will choose ibus as default IM to avoid being stupid, while that stupid actually comes from GNOME upstream).

    and what more important is, GNOME is the product of GNU. and it’s filling out harddisks with somethings we do not actually need, but we have to endure it because GNOME needs it. THAT IS AGAINST LINUX SPIRIT, which should be: let users fully control their systems by giving them choices to which should be in and which should be kicked off.

    by Marguerite

  4. 依云 says:
    Firefox 12.0 GNU/Linux x64

    @marguerite I can’t agree more with you! I just removed Empahty and all those packages with their group of processes. Now I’m trying hard to depend less on GTK 3, and finally remove them with all their craps.

  5. kevin says:
    Google Chrome 18.0.1025.168 Mac OS X  10.7.3


  6. 右京样一 says:
    Firefox 12.0 GNU/Linux

    Understood. But what confuses me is why GNOME need ibus as their dependency. Is there any software needs an input method framework as their dependency? What if in English system?

    At present Fcitx seems support mozc etc. as its backend. If OpenSUSE removed ibus/scim, will Fcitx become a new unified frontend?

  7. marguerite says:
    Google Chrome 20.0.1090.0 openSUSE x64

    so I said “trust my instinct, it won’t be hard dependency. its developers are from European countries, if they’re clever enough, they won’t fill their disk full. if I’m wrong, then it proves some of GNOME developers are fool.”

    nope. fcitx has to support anthy. not all FOSS people accept mozc as free software since its development is closed. at least for now. and fcitx won’t be default IM for traditional Chinese. they’ll be using gcin.

  8. nihui says:
    Internet Explorer 9.0 Windows 7

    btw chakra 啥时候也默认装 fcitx 啊

  9. .txt says:
    Firefox 12.0 Ubuntu

    Fcitx 4+ is much better than ibus(full of bugs in Ubuntu 12.04),Fcitx should be default IM for CHS in Ubuntu!

  10. csslayer says:
    Firefox 12.0 GNU/Linux x64

    @.txt That’s not fair comparison, since fcitx is not widely used under non-chinese environment.

  11. .txt says:
    Firefox 12.0 Ubuntu

    (╭ ̄3 ̄)╭♡that‘s why I use “for chinese simplified”.
    By the way, I’m using Fcitx under french environment and it’s work like a chain.
    Contrariwise the ibus-pinyin waste a lot of ram & cpu and won’t even start up normally in default settings….
    Too many craches when u want to quickly switch between the IMEs.

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