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Analysis on a recent issue between Vivaldi and fcitx5-gtk

This article intends to explain the technical details between a issue happens when using fcitx5 on Vivaldi. I’m not a Vivaldi user and Vivaldi is not fully open source, so I can’t really comment what change actually caused this, but … Continue reading

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New compose mode in Fcitx 5

1.5MB gif for demostration. Basically it allows you to use backspace to modify the compose sequence, or type character directly with dead keys (e.g. you may simply press dead key once and continue to type). If you want the old … Continue reading

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就是觉得这个应该还挺好玩的。一开始其实还想着靠着写这个练习一下 Rust,结果就发现这个文档丰富程度实在是感人,特别是你用一些很少人用的库的时候,觉得还是算了。C++糊一下也就200多行。 原理很简单,就是通过手工执行 bind-key 把 tmux (几乎)所有的按键都绑定成一个 dbus 调用命令,然后交给一个代理的 dbus 服务和 fcitx 进行交互。把处理的结果再利用 send-key 发送回来。 现实来说还是有很多不太理想的地方,例如Control 的组合键就无法区分大小写,还有一些其他的小问题,所以总之是当作一个玩具来写。 代码地址:https://github.com/wengxt/fcitx5-tmux 梦回CCDOS

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Use Plasma 5.24 to type in Alacritty (Or any other text-input-v3 client) with Fcitx 5 on Wayland

Relationship between the input method server and applications under Fcitx5+KWin/Wayland With the latest release of Plasma 5.24, the native wayland input method support in KWin is improved to support non-virtual keyboard input method like Fcitx 5. (There are lots of … Continue reading

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Fcitx 5 and multiple wayland compositor

Actually there is nothing so special about this feature, it’s just come freely with the multiple X server support. I just realized that WAYLAND_SOCKET passed from compositor can be just sent via DBus to the actual fcitx5 server, without the … Continue reading

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