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  1. 右京样一 says:
    Google Chrome 5.0.375.127 Windows 7


  2. csslayer says:
    Firefox 3.6.8 GNU/Linux


  3. 沈觅仁 says:
    Opera 10.61 Windows 7


  4. csslayer says:
    Firefox 4.0b3 Windows 7

    css的text-shadow,文字没有模糊。只需一行- -b

    话说我还真没用opera测试过这个页面……嗯,测试发现和文字和我的firefox看起来一样,不过背景有断裂= =b。


  5. CO2 says:
    Google Chrome 7.0.517.44 GNU/Linux x64


  6. csslayer says:
    Firefox 3.6.12 GNU/Linux




  7. cmheia says:
    Firefox 3.6.13 Ubuntu 10.10


  8. 右京样一 says:
    Google Chrome 9.0.597.19 GNU/Linux

    @cmheia 我表示选择强制使用浏览器字体就可以了。

  9. Willin Wang says:
    Firefox 4.0.1 Windows 7 x64 Edition

    – -我还以为女的…用这样的背景

  10. csslayer says:
    Firefox 4.0.1 GNU/Linux x64

    @Willin Wang 明显是宅男风格的……

  11. ddatsh says:
    Maxthon 3.0 Windows XP


  12. 平芜泫 says:
    Firefox 5.0 GNU/Linux

    哟~ 难道你和 Twitter 上的 CSSlayer 是一个人?!

  13. csslayer says:
    Firefox 5.0 GNU/Linux x64

    @平芜泫 上面写的那么清楚。

  14. 万俟尘 says:
    Chromium 13.0.782.107 Ubuntu 11.04


  15. csslayer says:
    Konqueror 4.7.2 GNU/Linux x64


  16. ghw says:
    Firefox 7.0.1 FreeBSD


  17. Tydus says:
    Firefox 10.0.1 GNU/Linux x64


    还有@csslayer应该读成CSS Layer的吧233

  18. Google Chrome 20.0.1132.57 Windows 7


  19. Mike says:
    Firefox 14.0.1 FreeBSD

    我只是想說我沒裝 GnuPG 怎麼辦……

  20. Mike says:
    Firefox 14.0.1 FreeBSD

    不考虑弄個 reCAPTCHA Mailhide ?

  21. yyc says:
    Firefox 17.0 Arch Linux x64


  22. .txt says:
    Google Chrome 24.0.1312.35 Arch Linux


  23. .txt says:
    Google Chrome 24.0.1312.35 Arch Linux

    这个WP theme的背景是自动抓取的么?

  24. xixitie says:
    Firefox 20.0 GNU/Linux x64


  25. xixitie says:
    Firefox 20.0 GNU/Linux x64

    对了,我应该 @你的.. @csslayer

  26. 潜行者m says:
    Firefox 20.0 Windows 7 x64 Edition


  27. Aivier says:
    Google Chrome 29.0.1547.41 Windows 7 x64 Edition


  28. Haowu Ge says:
    Firefox 25.0 FreeBSD


  29. Swarup says:
    Firefox 29.0 Ubuntu x64

    I use Ubuntu 14.04, and work with Fcitx all the time. It is great! I use it with three languages: Hindi, Bengali, and Sanskrit.

    Fcitx is working very well, but there is an issue with it and I do not know whether to call it a bug or a design flaw. Whatever it is, it needs to be fixed. It is a problem that seems to occur with Fcitx in any app I’ve used it in– gedit, TB, Libre Office. The issue is that when it is enabled and one is typing using it, then it is a common practice to have to disable it for a few English words, and then again enable it to resume typing in Fcitx. Well, what happens is that when one has typed a word in Fcitx and hits space to create a separation between the last word and the next word, then if at that point one does ctrl-space to disable Fcitx, the final letter of the previous word gets erased.

    The reason I see this happening is that up to that moment, the line underneath the previous word’s last letter is still there, indicating that although I’ve hit the space bar, Fcitx still hasn’t let go of the previous word’s last letter– and so when I do ctrl-space, that last letter gets deleted. It doesn’t happen with all words; only if the last word ends in what is called an inherent “a”–which is very often the case in Hindi, Bengali, and Sanskrit– then it happens. It never happened like this when I was using scim all those years, so I suspect it is an issue in Fcitx. scim is not working properly in Ubuntu 14.04, so I have switched to Fcitx.

    I have looked hard for a Fcitx reporting site, but could not find one. Can you let me know where to report this so that those in charge of fixing bugs can look into the solution.


  30. Swarup says:
    Firefox 29.0 Ubuntu x64

    Ok, great– thank you so much. I’ll go ahead and report it there.

  31. Swarup says:
    Firefox 29.0 Ubuntu x64

    Hello again,
    I’ve been using fcitx for the past three weeks with great success. (There was only the problem reported above in my previous post above, to which you’ve replied that that matter is fixed in the next version of fcitx. I’ll have to wait for Ubuntu to bring that into their repositories.)

    But today a very serious problem suddenly arose. The letters are all working fine, but the punctuation, such as — ,.:;”-()[]{} — all of those have become defective when fcitx is enabled. What happens is that any time I type one of the puncuation keys, the cursor jumps around 2-3 spaces ahead before placing the punctuation mark, and after the punctuation mark again jumps 2-3 space ahead for the next letter to be typed. That places around 6 spaces between every word where there is punctuation. That’s in gedit. And in Thunderbird, it jumps like that even when I hit the space bar between words! Can you guide me how to fix this? All my work is frozen until I can get this fixed.

    I don’t think this is a bug, because everything was working fine before. It is perhaps some setting that needs to be fixed?

    Thank you!


  32. csslayer says:
    Firefox 29.0 GNU/Linux x64

    @Swarup ‌I don’t quite understand your problem, let me have a guess..
    Did you enable the full width character? (Check the tray menu for state) And you can check the global config to see if there’s a key assigned to trigger it (It should be empty by default now though).

  33. Swarup says:
    Firefox 29.0 Ubuntu x64

    You are a life saver! That is all it was– the full width character was enabled. I have no idea what that is, and I had no idea that it had gotten enabled. For one day my life turned into one type of hell as I tried to figure out what in the world had happened to my wonderful fcitx. I had a feeling it was some sort of setting that got changed– and indeed it was. Now thanks to your insight, eveything is back to normal.

  34. 1dot75cm says:
    Firefox 40.0 Fedora x64

    不翻墙,上不来 斯密达~

  35. Tisoga says:
    Google Chrome 46.0.2490.80 Mac OS X  10.11.1

    Nice blog and nice posts:)

  36. noexist says:
    Firefox 42.0 Ubuntu x64

    我也只是想看看UA –fcitx-googlepinyin

  37. RobberPhex says:
    Firefox 51.0 Fedora x64


    Fcitx的bug请到 http://code.google.com/p/fcitx/issues/
    Fcitx使用的讨论请到 https://groups.google.com/group/fcitx
    Fcitx开发的讨论请到 https://groups.google.com/group/fcitx-dev

    Google Code的链接是不是应该更新了?

  38. Yongmeng says:
    Google Chrome 59.0.3063.4 GNU/Linux x64


  39. angelbeats says:
    Firefox 79.0 GNU/Linux x64

    原来CSSlayer应该拆成CS Slayer

  40. Rocket1184 says:
    Google Chrome 88.0.4324.181 Android 8.1.0

    来交换友链吧!我的博客: https://rocka.me ,名字写 Rocka’s Blog 就好啦

  41. bilabila says:
    Google Chrome 101.0.4951.54 GNU/Linux x64

    然后搜了下 wayland现状 就看到这篇文章,着实艰难啊。



  42. Tibrella says:
    Firefox 108.0 Arch Linux x64


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