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Switch fcitx theme based on system color

With the next version fcitx will be able to switch to an alternative dark theme when system dark/light theme changes. The feature relies on xdg desktop portal implementation that supports this value. Hopefully accent-color in xdg portal can be merged … Continue reading

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How to make your application support Input method under Linux

As an Linux application developer, one might not aware that there could be certain effort required to support Input Method (or Input Method Editor, usually referred as IME) under Linux. What is input method and why should I care about … Continue reading

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Analysis on a recent issue between Vivaldi and fcitx5-gtk

This article intends to explain the technical details between a issue happens when using fcitx5 on Vivaldi. I’m not a Vivaldi user and Vivaldi is not fully open source, so I can’t really comment what change actually caused this, but … Continue reading

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Chrome/Chromium 今日 Wayland 输入法支持现状

似乎有不少人总是有疑问,Chrome的Wayland输入法支持到底是什么情况,能不能输入,支不支持,那么就姑且来总结一番。本文仅代表写作时的状态,不代表后续的情况。(以下用 Chrome 指代 Chrome/Chromium)。 首先简单介绍一下 Chrome 对 Wayland 支持的情况。对于 Chrome 这种跨平台的项目来说,肯定有自己的抽象层,从而能够高效地利用对应平台的 GPU,图形栈。现阶段来说,这一层抽象的项目的名称是 Ozone,更多详细的介绍可以参考 https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src.git/+/HEAD/docs/ozone_overview.md。这里的描述是这样的:Ozone 是在使用了底层输入和图形的 Aura 窗口系统下的平台抽象层。一旦完成,这个抽象将支持各种系统,包括嵌入式 SoC,或者新的 Linux X11 替代:Wayland/Mir 来启动 Aura。 现在如果要在 Wayland 上用原生 Wayland 而不是 XWayland 来显示,那么将要使用 Ozone 作为它的图形栈。那么 Ozone 有什么样的输入法支持呢?在很长的一段时间内,它的输入法支持只有 text_input_v1,并且需要使用 –enable-wayland-ime 来启用。对于不了解 Wayland 输入法架构的人来说,这里对 Wayland … Continue reading

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New compose mode in Fcitx 5

1.5MB gif for demostration. Basically it allows you to use backspace to modify the compose sequence, or type character directly with dead keys (e.g. you may simply press dead key once and continue to type). If you want the old … Continue reading

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