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Key repetition and key event handling issue with Wayland input method protocols

I do have lots of complaints about wayland current input method protocols. Some of them are just lacking features, but this issue is the one that I think have design flaw from the beginning. Let’s first review how the keyboard … Continue reading

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演示一下和 openKylin 合作开发的虚拟键盘

将在下一个版本的 Fcitx 加入支持。 界面的代码位于:https://gitee.com/openkylin/kylin-virtual-keyboard 欢迎大家进行测试,虽然功能的支持还非常初级,但是已经可以进行一些简单的测试(X11 下,想要在 Wayland 下使用还有一些工作需要进行)。 (视频闪烁主要是录制问题)

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Switch fcitx theme based on system color

With the next version fcitx will be able to switch to an alternative dark theme when system dark/light theme changes. The feature relies on xdg desktop portal implementation that supports this value. Hopefully accent-color in xdg portal can be merged … Continue reading

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How to make your application support Input method under Linux

As an Linux application developer, one might not aware that there could be certain effort required to support Input Method (or Input Method Editor, usually referred as IME) under Linux. What is input method and why should I care about … Continue reading

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Analysis on a recent issue between Vivaldi and fcitx5-gtk

This article intends to explain the technical details between a issue happens when using fcitx5 on Vivaldi. I’m not a Vivaldi user and Vivaldi is not fully open source, so I can’t really comment what change actually caused this, but … Continue reading

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