Updated: 2020/8/19 Github Sponsor page is up! I suggest using github sponsor over paypal if possible :). To cancel the paypal subscription, you may find it at the bottom of the page.

I accept donation via both PayPal and Alipay with my email address, while I personally prefer you to use WePay button below, since it can do a period donation easily. I’d really appreciate that you use the periodical donation, because one-time donation would not help me very much (I need to maintain several servers for Fcitx infrastructure, including and a continuous integration server, which needed to be paid monthly, and they cost me about forty dollar a month).

你可以通过我的电子邮件地址来向 PayPal 和支付宝捐款,我更倾向于使用下方的 WePay 按钮,它可以很简单的进行周期性的捐款。因为单次的捐款通常帮助不大,我会更加感谢你使用了周期性的捐款(我需要维护几个 Fcitx 的服务器,包括,和一个可持续集成服务器,大概我每月需要付 40 美元。)

The main purpose for this donation is for Fcitx development, though you can do it for whatever reason since it’s a personal donation to me.

这个页面的主要目的是为了 Fcitx 的开发而留的捐款页面,当然由于是对我私人捐款,你也可以出于其他任何理由(例如我还有维护 ,还有参与 KDE 的开发),来者不拒 :)。

Now I switch to Paypal again, since wepay is going to remove their button. If you have used wepay before, you can choose to cancel it (I have no idea what will happen after they remove their button).

现在我又换成了 Paypal,因为 wepay 打算移除他们的按钮功能。如果你之前使用了 wepay 捐赠,你可以考虑去他们的网站取消(我不清楚他们移除他们的按钮之后之前的捐赠订阅会发生什么)。

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    @yegle (;´Д`) 新生的网站觉得不是很靠谱……

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