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其实就是这个 Thinkpad X1 yoga 了。在这之前,其实也经历了不少笔记本…… 最早最早的联想天逸……忘了型号。Gateway I43…Asus Zenbook UX31E,Dell XPS 13 老版本,Ideapad yoga 2 pro,Surface Pro 4……回想起来会觉得太败家了……幸好 Surface Pro 4 是卖了个  6 折回血。 总之之前的都各有各的问题。最早的当然都是沉啦。后来就有了超级本,就不想回到砖头了。 Asus 的问题是妈逼电源线插头太脆弱了,老断啊,断了买了新电源再断,感觉哪天就要被电死了。 Dell 没买一个月换了主板……虽然之后就一直用了,后来给老婆用去了用到现在,但是 wifi 似乎也是有毛病的,而且分辨率是比较惨的 1366×768,之前的 asus 是 1600×900 都能看出明显差距了。 所以后来为了分辨率和屏幕弄了 yoga 2 pro,基本是不错,不过蓝牙和 wifi … Continue reading

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DLNA 大法好,蓝牙转发大法也好

笔记本上的视频懒得四处复制了再看,于是 DLNA 拯救你,ps3 media server 一开,找个播放器看就是了…最简易的方案,用 VLC 就好,Android,Sailfish (也是 Android 的 App 啦,毕竟能跑的程序相对有限),Linux 都可以。 因为平时还抢了老婆的 iPhone 用…所以 iPhone 上也费劲找了个播放器。而且果然是付费的靠谱…否则解码都成问题… 耳机只能配两个设备,自己手机一个,笔记本一个,想换配对设备还要进配对模式重新搞,怎么办…iPhone 蓝牙转发到笔记本上……于是就这么凑合着连了三个设备。 不过延迟就比较悲剧,凑合用呗。反正都是为了方便床上看……

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One bad API in sd-bus

I’m using sd-bus to develop the dbus part for fcitx5, because I’d like to seamlessly support kdbus in the future. (Don’t argue with me about bsd or sth else right now, for now I don’t care about that.) But one … Continue reading

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RFC: a new solution to Input Method + Keyboard Layout

This is not related to KDE itself, but I’d like to hear some opinion from keyboard layout users, especially from those who use more than one keyboard layout. Right now I’m designing a new feature for fcitx (for people who … Continue reading

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Use Jolla Phone to share Wifi via USB

Recently I got a new Surface Pro 4, and starts to use it as my main laptop. I’m glad that it can work with Linux quite well. But it does have some issue that I can’t live with: wifi will … Continue reading

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