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Gaps between Wayland and Fcitx (or all Input methods).

Though some people have no problem (or, only few problems) about using fcitx (to be more specifically version 4) with wayland, but the truth is there are still lots of problems left to be addressed. The truth is, wayland is … Continue reading

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A new pinyin input method that might be slightly better than sunpinyin

What do I mean when I say “slightly better”? First of all, thanks to sunpinyin’s open-gram, I can use its data for free. So, on the pinyin side, libime IS using the exact same data from sunpinyin. So what’s the … Continue reading

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不要奇怪为什么在这个分类下面。这是一个 fcitx 躺枪的故事。

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One bad API in sd-bus

I’m using sd-bus to develop the dbus part for fcitx5, because I’d like to seamlessly support kdbus in the future. (Don’t argue with me about bsd or sth else right now, for now I don’t care about that.) But one … Continue reading

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On porting Fcitx KCM module to KF5

Porting Fcitx KCM to KF5 is not that easy. It’s not only about porting kcm itself, but also porting missing part of fcitx-qt5 to Qt5 (mostly widgets). The old pkgconfig file is quite messed up, so I decided to experiment … Continue reading

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