Use multiple input method in different window.

Here comes a new feature for fcitx in next release.

(Though video is in Chinese, it’s easy to understand. I’m trying to make three different windows to using different input methods.)

The basic idea is, user can choose a different input method based on window. Generally, fcitx can have two global input method, for Active and Inactive state.

Now we can have a different “local” input method for each input context, and it’s easy to choose.

You can talk with different friends in different languages at the same time, for example, you want to talk with your American, German, Chinese friends at the same time, just change the message window, and no need to worry about to switch between different input method.

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4 Responses to Use multiple input method in different window.

  1. yyc says:
    Google Chrome 18.0.1025.168 GNU/Linux x64


  2. Lynx says:
    Firefox 12.0 GNU/Linux


  3. csslayer says:
    Firefox 12.0 GNU/Linux

    @Lynx 这个嘛,你kate –help 就知道了

  4. Firo says:
    Google Chrome GNU/Linux x64

    这个功能, 太香了. 尤其是, 可以快速在三个输入法之间切换.

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