Next several plans on Fcitx

Wayland support (yyc is working on it)

Refactor API for 4.3 (We already have some good discussion on it).

Some Touch screen support.

Handwriting support.

Voice Input support.

Well, obviously we are running out of developers, so welcome to join us.

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10 Responses to Next several plans on Fcitx

  1. nialv7 says:
    Opera Mini 7.1.32444 Unknown

    resort api是什么?

  2. csslayer says:
    Firefox 22.0 GNU/Linux x64

    @nialv7 胡逼乱用词脑补写错了……

  3. nialv7 says:
    Firefox 22.0 GNU/Linux x64

    @csslayer 哪里能看到你们对refactor的discussions?

  4. lenky0401 says:
    Firefox 21.0 Ubuntu

    The same question as nialv7, where can i find your discussions?

  5. ShukriChiu says:
    Google Chrome 28.0.1500.71 GNU/Linux x64


  6. csslayer says:
    Firefox 22.0 GNU/Linux x64

    @lenky0401 @nialv7 ˊ_>ˋ well some private gtalk, but somehow welcome to #fcitx @ or add

  7. maclin says:
    Chromium 25.0.1364.160 Ubuntu



  8. Anon says:
    Google Chrome 30.0.1599.0 GNU/Linux x64


  9. csslayer says:
    Firefox 23.0 GNU/Linux x64

    @Anon 没有,我一直用clang编译。
    你把makeflags的-jn 去掉再看错误

  10. yyc says:
    Google Chrome 28.0.1500.95 GNU/Linux x64

    @Anon 去下新的pkgbuild把我注释掉的三行加回来. 那个是我现在用的PKGBUILD, 上次用clang编过的.

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