Fcitx 4.2 Plan

Feature Plan:

XKB Integration. (Done)

DBus based input method interface, make it possible to write input method with other programming language and other high level library, like glib or qt. (WIP) (Not one will actually eat this dog food, and inter-process communication is not fcitx style, all the module doing easy in-memory interaction is fcitx’s style).

Context event system, addons can provide context change notification. (Done, basic idea is implemented, need some “real usage”, fcitx-libpinyin already use some, fcitx-xkb will be another use-case).

Demo Mobile support for N9 via Maliit. (Not plan to make it full functional in 4.2, since it’s not so important) (WIP) (Postpone, since not important)

Anthy support. (Done)

Hangul support. (Done)

M17N support. (Done)

If possible, libchewing support. (Done)

Something already implemented, you can grab it from git (Be careful !):

fcitx-chewing, fcitx-libpinyin and fcitx-table-extra is on github.

Provides fallback user interface function, make kimpanel can automatically detect whether kimpanel is started or not, so kimpanel will be the default user interface if kimpanel is available, including Unity and GNOME-Shell. (Video)

Lazy input method loading.

Separate word construct code in fcitx-table, making phrase construction in Zhengma (郑码) works correctly, so we can introduce Zhengma in next release.

Dynamic input method change for fcitx-config-gtk (Already implemented in kcm-fcitx with 4.1.2 release), gtk3 support for fcitx-config-gtk, though no UI improvement.

New Monochrome icon set for kimpanel under KDE.

Some other updates:

It’s possible to translate fcitx on transifex.

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