Fcitx 4.2.7

All components in this release will depend on fcitx 4.2.7 due to they are
using the new build macro.

Now we have a new template repo for whom want to develop new addon for fcitx:

And for kdevelop user:
Create a new tar.bz2 with this branch, and now you can create fcitx project
with kdevelop.

fcitx 4.2.7
new feature for user:
* qt im module support per window input context.
* quickphrase add new custom ui editor.
* all pinyin now support stroke.
* add clipboard input support (Ctrl + ; to use it)
* fcitx-diagnose script for diagnose the problem
* new dark skin which can also work for non-composite window manager (though
looks not the same)
* Helping xmodmap user to correct loading ~/.Xmodmap by default
* Bind one input method with specific key.
* Translation update (German, and some spanish).
* Add “up” and “down” to paging key by default
* fcitx-config now will comment out the value which is same as the default
value upon save, so default value can be controlled by upstream fcitx change.
* reload only one addon configuration

new feature for developer:
* Big build system improvement
* remove intltool dependency
* auto-codegen tool  for cross module function.
* add libfcitx-qt, containing dbus stuff and provides custom ui plugin
* architecture.
* candidate window can be overriden to use horizontal / vertical by input
method. (kimpanel need KDE 4.10 to use this feature)
* paging can be override by custom function

bug fix:
* fix for xim restart.
* add more locale to xim by default.
* compatible with lua 5.2
* some other misc bugfix

fcitx-configtool 0.4.6
Add support for new custom configuration ui.

kcm-fcitx 0.4.2
Add support for new custom configuration ui.

fcitx-cloudpinyin 0.3.1
update to support clean quit.

fcitx-m17n 0.2.0
Fix py hide by default bug.

fcitx-rime 0.2.0
re-deploy support

fcitx-sunpinyin 0.4.0
adjust some default configuration for better user experience.

fcitx-unikey 0.2.0
use new custom ui to build macro editor

fcitx-hangul 0.2.1
fix icon path

fcitx-chewing 0.2.0
fix a bug in candidate selection.

fcitx-qt5 0.1.1
fix build and add libfcitx-qt5 for dbus.

此次发布的所有组件都依赖 fcitx 4.2.7,因为使用了新的构建宏。

fcitx 4.2.7
qt 输入法模块支持不同窗口使用不同状态
剪贴板输入支持 (默认按键为 Ctrl + ; )
fcitx-diagnose 脚本用于发现问题
重新制作的 dark 皮肤,无混成状态也能“凑合”使用……
默认将自动加载 ~/.Xmodmap
fcitx-config 现在将和默认值一样的选项注释掉,使得fcitx上游对默认值的修改可以反应给用户。
fcitx-remote 可以用于设置当前输入法了

添加了 libfcitx-qt,包括 dbus 控制和自定义图形化界面插件的支持

修复 xim 的重启
添加更多 locale 到 xim 的默认列表
和 lua 5.2 兼容

fcitx-configtool 0.4.6
添加新的自定义 gui 的支持

kcm-fcitx 0.4.2
添加新的自定义 gui 的支持

fcitx-cloudpinyin 0.3.1

fcitx-m17n 0.2.0

fcitx-rime 0.2.0

fcitx-sunpinyin 0.4.0
调整默认选项,去掉掉原来单一的 ing/ign ong/ogn 纠错改成 gn/ng 的纠错。

fcitx-unikey 0.2.0

fcitx-hangul 0.2.1

fcitx-chewing 0.2.0

fcitx-qt5 0.1.1
修复编译,以及添加 libfcitx-qt5 (和libfcitx-qt相比只包括dbus部分)

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